Please...Wear Blue Fridays...and Support Our Troops.
For You: Keith Urban

American Soldier: Toby Keith


An American soldier's comments after viewing this video on 9/21/2010. His youtube ID: 'Your Salvation':


"There's nights like these, where I'm sitting alone in my barricks. Feeling completely empty inside. All I can think about is my family, my friends and everyone in the United States. I'll ask myself if I made the right choice doing what I do. Then I'll listen to this song that just fills my soul with hope. I'll always do what I can to serve my country, and deep down this song just reminds me that my family is always there and they are proud of me." 

170th U.S. Army Infantry. 11B

I just came back from a War.

I'm already there.
Find out who your friends are.
Jeff Foxworthy's closing comments: 2007 CMT Music Awards